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Bulldog is a very common and well-known breed of dog. This is a common name which combines many separate but related species: English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Old English Bulldog (newly created), American Bulldog, Alano, Bulldog Campeiro and Campeiro Bulldog. But the most famous are: English Bulldog, French Bulldog and American Bulldog. English bulldog does not seem an agile, and he like as a strong stocky farmer and not a soldier. But, in fact, he is able to surprise anyone his agility. French Bulldog is a charming decorative dog, affectionate animal with big ears, like radars, intelligent brown eyes, and a huge variety of colors. The sight of American Bulldog inspires confidence and respect. It is perfectly composed, his athletic body strong and agile.

Dog and cage

Bulldog is a friendly, quiet, good-natured dog. He is very sure of himself. Where other dog will look back at the host for support, Bulldog says: "In any case, I can handle." Today they are loving and aristocratic dogs, but in ancient times they were so severe that they were forbidden to appear on the streets of Rome. They fought in the arena with the bulls, and received brilliant victories. Later, the Bulldogs have turned from "gladiators" in different bodyguards, protectors, guards and a worthy companion. Cage and other enclosed space is not for them. They not be in comfort in a close cage and may be even angry and aggressive because of this.

Cage and space

Because they are the best guards, then the best dog kennel for Bulldog is large open area, which he will guard. It may be aviary. But a dog needs to feel free in it and not feel that he is in prison. He need to have own doghouse. It must be suitable to the size of dog and be comfortable for him. It should be a fortress in which lives your dog knight.

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier is a breed of dog that causes so many different feelings and emotions. Somebody believes that he is a masterpiece, others believe that it is necessary to ban Bull Terrier. Some people consider that he has the height of perfection, he is a dog with a perfect physique and superb movement, who has a good size and coat for the living in city apartment. Others believe that Bull Terrier is ugliest dog. Some believe that he is the most highly intelligent, the other think that he is a dull dog, able only to terrify the others. But Bull Terrier is one of those rocks, which wrongly attributed to the quality of a dangerous and aggressive dogs in relation to man, unjustly, because Bull Terrier is a good a guard-dog or a bodyguard.

Dog and cage

Bull Terrier requires intense physical activity and you should provide it to him. Without sufficient loads and abundant food, the dog is prone to obesity. This is undesirable, because in this problem your strong and healthy dog threatens a variety of diseases that can significantly shorten the age of your pet. Meeting with cats is one of the few moments when your pet is simply losing his mind and rushes headlong in pursuit. Coping with fragile little body and kill a small animal is momentary thing for him but you will have hateful views and comments of passers-by. Therefore, Bull Terrier should be a walk on a leash, and travel in a cage.

What should be the cage?

The best dog kennel for Bull Terrier should be so large that your dog can free to sit in it and not stoops down or beat by his head the roof. He need to lay stretched out in full growth, and easily change his position, may to turn around. In the cage the dog should feel comfortable. Moreover, the cage should be strong and reliable, it need that your dog can bend the bars and get out of it without your help.



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